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Nikon Coolscan 5000ED hardware powersupply problems and solutions !

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Scancare does own and use 3 Nikon 5000ED professional slide scanners. As I experiences a couple of times a year problems and Nikon repair center charge me for wrong reasons, I managed to fix and maintain these scanners myself up to a high level..

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This page is dedicated to the maintenance and repair that could be easily done on Nikon 5000ED scanners. I any case, if in doubt, please send your scanner to a Nikon repair center. 

Disclaimer: All repairs would be done at your own risk: I take no responsibility for any problems you could encounter working on your Nikon scanner.

Problem 1: Error scanning in image/'Hardware problem' as seen on the pc : I encoutered this on my windows 7 pc when I scanned more than one film frame. One frame went always ok.: I solved this my installing the Nikon view after i installed the Nikon scan software. Also I checked the 'compaitilility for XP' within my scanner exe's properties.

Problem 2: Hardware problem on scanner: The led would blink as an indication the scanner encoutered a hardware problem. Solution : It could be one of the following. A dirty sensor (see my pictures futher on) that is located in different spots within the scanner. Please test with the default module to verify the problem is causes from the scanner itself and not the sf210. Please see the pictures for inside info..

Problem 3: DEAD / Nothing after power ON : Scanner does nothing after powering up: Hardware problem power supply. This could be easily fixed by in most cases changing  a few capacitors : costs 35c each. in the past Nikon repair centre charged my twice about 300 euro for changing faulty power supplies.!! Also check the internal fuses.(never had this, but you never know)

Initialisation phase of the scanner : the Scanner head would move the the vertical position : if it fails at this moment without moving the scanner horizontal (stepping motor) , the most common fault is the (hard to find) senser at the botton of the wheel. Please refer to the pictured added at the bottom

Before repairing: take your time to inspect how the scanner is build up and get familiar with the different parts ans movements. Do not disassemble any optical parts if not needed. There is no need for that when cleening the scanner! There is no short cut to inspect the botton sensor and ons has to disassemble the scanner.

Nikon coolscan parts problems

Inside the scanner : Step 1: open the scanners lid by removing all screws on outside..

inside Nikon 5000ED

Step 2 : locate all parts : if the problem is within the vertical lifting sensor, proceed by dismantling the rest : If done properly, no adjustments are lost. Remove power supply Remove brackets ons by one. Remove all cables from main board by lifting the smal bracket that holds the cable first. Remove the caridge by removing front plate and cardige back plate screws. Remove the cartridge holder.

caridge Nikon 5000ED scanner inside

Cartridge botton frame of the Nikon 5000ED  removed:

caridge botton frame Niikon 5000ED.

Botom sensor on Nikon 5000ED covered with gear:

botton plate lubrication points

I cleaned first the arrowed pont and applied new vasiline as a lubrication. Old grease would prevent a smoothe vertical movement of caridge.

botton sensor Nikon 5000ED

Remove bottom bracket and clean the gear and the vertical movement sensor (see arrow in picture). This is the main cource of many problems as this sensor is obstructed by hardeded grease or dirt.

Reasemble and lubricate all moving parts. (clean optical parts with a small cloth or compressed air (low pressure). 

Power failure. The Nikon scanners uses a regulated power supply, so it could fail without a warning. Most times it occurs the the scanner woul;d not power up after normal operation and swithed off.  Please check the capcitors on the power supply board. Look for capasitors that are bubbled or have roundend top. this could indicate the faulty capasitor. Order them via ebay ans try to replace asking a friend... It cost me about 35c a piece.

Nikon coolscan power supply

If on doubt, please send me an email. I will try to add additional information. I do have more pictures takn on the inside of the Nikon 5000ED slide scanner.

Install Nikon scanner sofware on a windows 8 or windows 10 pc? . install software ion windoows 10 -

Do you have problems scanning negatives with IDE on a windows 10 -64 bit pc ? I finally used a virtual windows 7 (32 bit) pc installation for these situations. Nicon scanner failes if you use the IDE and/or GEM tech. Please ask if not correctly or very slow scanning occurs .

Extra info on the configuration of the nikon power supply can be found at. - power supply -

STRW6756 regulator problem :

Me : I discovered that my scanner starts up (!) if I first remove the 8-pin connector from the power unit, then power the power unit, then attaching again (while unit is powered on) the connector - and then the machine is starting correctly... After switching off, I have to repeat that to start up again... How is this possible!?

Support: Most likely your power supply is about to fail. What is the serial number of your scanner (6-digit number on the back)?

Me: On the power unit the part STRW6756 is becoming very hot (can't touch it)

Support: It should is normally hot (bad design), but that one is probably failing. I would replace STRW6756

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