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Professional scanning services for slides, negatives and other film material...

Scancare : Grown in size and name by keeping prices low but quality high. ....

Free offer: convert your slides that were mounted between glass by collecting free mountings at Scancare. This will improve scanning quality.

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Compare the low scanning prices at Scancare:

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Scancare offers the lowest pricing for professional slide scanning. Testscan is FREE

Slide and negative 35mm film scanning could be offered as a professional services for all kind of customers: you always could depend on professional service for maximum quality at a super low and fair price. 19 Years of experience would be used to convert your slides, negatives, microfilm, and other media to a high quality digital image.

Slide and negative scanning is being performed by using different well maintained high quality film scanning equipment like the Nikon 5000ED scanners.

Quality has been and will always be our top priority. Scanning at 2400 would cost about 2 minutes each : this scanner is NOT a digital camera, these are high resolution scanners. You will prior to execution, be informed on all costs and estimated time for conversion.

Scanning will be performed in evenings and on Saturdays to give you a guaranteed low price.

Payment could always be done after you receive the results and your collection. No risk.

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You could expect an answer within one working day!

 Results from other customers? Please have a look at the collection  "Frank Noort" did scan at Scancare .

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Scancare would like you offer you professional scanning quality at lowest prices. We did perform scanning for customers within the Netherlands, but also for customers, from the UK, Belgium, France and even from South Africa.

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Now Possible to get your results quickly delivered by internet.


Sending by parcel shipment info could be found here.

Example of previous results  here... 

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- Lowest price guaranteed!
- Professional scanning

- Free tests cans
- Also possible to scan off size slides and negatives.
- 6 days per week + evenings.
- Payment afterwards, this means NO RISK.
Multiple Nikon 5000ED scanners in use.
- Fast service Possible..
- No minimal startup costs.
-  > 1000 slides? Ask for a personal quote.